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Your body has incredible capabilities to repair and heal itself. We are here to help you achieve your potential. We guide you through the process and help you achieve incredible health.
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Wishing you Wellness,

Joslynn Adams, L.Ac

Your Health is Priority

My approach is to intently listen as you explain your goals, with the understanding that we’re all unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. My experience and training with Chinese Medicine allows me to customize your treatment plan to one that best fits your needs.


With specialization in autoimmune conditions, neurological health and pain alleviation. I almost always consider how stress effects on the body, especially in chronic pain. By leveraging neurological signals from the brain, I will look at how organ function impacts the entire body leading to either a state of health or a state of dysfunction.

I am here to translate confusing symptoms into a treatment strategy that will direct your body towards greater health!

What to Expect

Why People Choose Us


We combine ancient principles that has been proven to be safe and effective for over 2,000 years with current knowledge of nerves and immune function to treat every aspect of your health.


While many of our patients come to us after they have seen a wide range of practitioners they leave wishing they had found us sooner. Our mission is to make sure that you no longer need to see us.


We realize that you may be coming to us in a fragile state. We also realize that some people have been on their health journey for many years and may almost be to the point of giving up. We prioritize compassion and caring to support you.


We are always aware of your nervous system and how it plays into health and longevity. All of our treatments address the nervous system to make sure that you are relaxed and centered.


We take pride in continually learning to provide you with the current innovations in modern medicine.


Chinese medicine is designed to look at each person as an individual. We look at your tongue, your pulses, your skin, your body type and create a treatment plan designed specifically tailored to your body.

What Our Patients Say

I never really believed in acupuncture until I came to see Joslynn for my plantar fasciitis. I grew up playing sports mostly football and have had multiple surgeries on each foot, low back and my right knee. I was convinced by my wife to come in and have been blown away by the relief of pain that I have felt. I am a believer and tell everyone I know about how great it is to know that as my pain creeps in I can go to Joslynn to alleviate it.

Jim W.

As a cross-fitter I am constantly trying to improve my strength and mobility. I came to Joslynn with chronic hip pain that I had tried everything to get rid of. I had been to my general doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist and even started doing yoga classes. Nothing worked until I saw Joslynn and was able to go through a course of electrical acupuncture. It made all the difference! I was no longer in pain and was able to increase my front squat within weeks. I now see her on a regular basis to maintain my body and help me meet my goals in the gym.

Garth H.

Joslynn is attentive and effective. The impact of her work on my chronic neck and back pain has been life changing! She has taught me so much about self care along the way that I always leave feeling like I have more understanding of my body. She takes her time to explain natural medicine, and things to do to improve my overall health. Most importantly, her appointments are never rushed, I always leave feeling much better than when I came in. I highly recommend her.

Robert Q.

Joslynn was responsible for getting me out of a world of pain/discomfort from major gut issues caused by a doctor prescribed antibiotic. Because of the horrid side effects, I rarely left my house and couldn’t even be with my family for Thanksgiving dinner.  Then Joslynn came to the rescue.  Not only did she recommend a specific herbal formula for getting my gut back to a healthy state, she gave me invaluable advice on what and what not to eat and drink to heal my angry insides while I was taking these tiny miracle beads. In 3 days of taking the herbs daily I saw a huge improvement and in 10 days I had a happy and pain free gut. I highly recommend Joslynn. She really listens.

Carol J.

Getting to the cause of my problem was my primary concern. Joslynn worked out a plan on my first visit, to start my healing journey and was able to help me with everything that I was concerned about. I originally came in for low back pain and then we worked on my shoulder range of motion. I have become a regular because coming in for treatment has changed the way my body feels regularly. Thank you so much!

Steve Z.

I have been coming to see Joslynn for a numbness and tingling in my arm and down my leg. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, pain medicine and non have worked as well as my treatments with Joslynn. Tingling in fingers is gone, only stiffness in the fore finger and thumb. My right leg pain has subsided and now we are working on the slight discomfort that is left at times. Thank you so much!

Jan B.

I feel absolutely amazing and I haven’t felt this good in so long. My brain has been calm and at ease all day long. I went from thinking 200mph to 1mph and it feels so good to be grounded and not have my mind racing. I think I may be in love with the  CBD oil and glad I made that impulse buy.  Cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done the last year and a half. Super grateful for you and I will continue referring people your way.

Sam S.